Community News

Update on how we process telephone transfers.

We are changing our Home Banking enhanced authentication!

New FHA loan products are now available

New Debit Card Accounts and Cards reissued will have a personal identification number (PIN) assigned to it.  This is due to potential compromises to security.  Memorize this number and please "DO NOT" store it with the Debit Card.


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Sprint is offering the following promotions to credit unions and their members in addition to the 10% Credit Union Member Discount and waived activation fee*

Sprint announces the addition of two new features; the Drive First mobile Application & Sprint’s Family Locator.

More security. Less worry.

You can now apply for a mortgage online 24/7 or research your options through MortgageClick.

Some people pay a surcharge and SUM don't. Don't forget to look for the SUM decal on ATM machines in your local area.

The latest news on the new $100 Bill