About Us

Haverhill Fire Department Credit Union was founded August 3, 1933. We are a non-profit organization servicing those who are public safety employees, present and retired, of the towns comprising the Northern Essex County Mutual Aid Network and their families. Learn more about our history.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to excel at providing superior financial services to our members, contribute to the communities in which we serve, and be the primary financial institution for our membership.

Board of Directors

President Eric Tarpy
Vice President Rodney Nutter
Treasurer David Butt
Board Members

Jon Stronach
David Butt
Rodney Nutter
Roger Moses
Eric Tarpy
James Hinds
Richard Wentworth Jr.
Tommie Garrett
Brian Moriarty
Arthur Mazzotta
Richard Shellene

Security Officer Rodney Nutter
New Membership Officer Roger Moses